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Sauson International Grocery
Middle Eastern Grocery Store In Sterling, VA
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Middle Eastern Grocery Store In Sterling, VA

Welcome to Sauson International Grocery! Here, you will enjoy a unique selection of Middle Eastern grocery items, delicious carryout meals, fresh-baked bakery items, and the personal attention you deserve.

We stock the finest imported Persian, Turkish, Egyptian, and Lebanese goods, including spices and specialty ingredients you won’t find at mainstream grocery stores!

Whether you’re looking for halal meat, new cookware, hookah pipes, or hand-rolled pastries, we’ve got all of that and more at Sauson International Grocery. Visit us today to shop our specialty groceries or pick up fresh goods from our bakery. We’ll see you soon!

Halal Meat · Spices · Middle Eastern Groceries · Rice · Fresh Produce · Flatbreads · Pastries · Cookware · Hookah · Books · Carryout ·
And More!

Specialty Products, Consistent Quality

Sauson International Grocery is proud to offer a wide assortment of fresh products, bakery items, and imported goods. Experience the sweet side of Middle Eastern cuisine at our bakery, or find the exotic spices you need to give your dish authentic flavor. We offer only Amish farm-raised meats, and we are always happy to guide you through our extensive inventory and help you find what you need!

Get a Taste of the Middle East

From nuts and spices to hookah pipes and books, Sauson International Grocery is the perfect place to get a true taste of the Middle East. Visit us today to experience all the unique flavors, aromas, and rich history of the Middle East — right in your neighborhood.

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